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For questions regarding the activities of the Magnolia Society International or the materials found on this web site, please contact us online or by mail:

Beth Edward, MSI Secretary
3000 Henneberry Rd
Jamesville, NY 13078-9640

Board Members of the Magnolia Society International:

Gary Knox, President
Tallahassee, FL

Greg Paige, Vice-President
Charlotte, NC

Robert Rich, Treasurer
Cincinnati, OH

Beth Edward, Secretary
Jamesville, NY

Cheryl Kearns, Editor, Magnolia Journal
Youngsville, NC

Andrew Bunting, Past President
Swarthmore, PA

Paul Reimer
Yarrow, BC

Richard B. Figlar, Scientific Advisor
Pickens, SC

Abby Hird, Chair of Conservation Committee
Claremont, CA

Paul Cappiello, Chair of Research Committee
Crestwood, KY

Kevin Parris
Spartanburg, SC

Philippe de Spoelberch

Larry Langford
Gibson, TN

Matthew Lobdell, Registrar of Magnolia Cultivars
Chicago, IL

Susan Mintun, Chair of Cultivar Checklist Committee
Philadelphia, PA

Raymond Sutton
Williamsburg, KY

Aaron Schettler, Facebook Page Manager
Raleigh, NC

Ethan Guthrie
Gainesville, GA

Mark Weathington
Raleigh, NC

Anita Figlar, Chair of Annual Meetings
Pickens, SC

Todd West
Fargo, ND

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